City of Belle Glade

Palm Tran Bus Makeover Most city buses that you see now have some kind of wrap or graphics on them, turning them into rolling billboards. This Palm Tran bus came into the Wrap Lab for something special for the City of Belle Glade. The Parks and Recreation division of Belle Glade purchased the decommissioned Gillig…

Splash Broz

Miami Vice inspired Commercial Trailer Wrap At CRD Wraps, we take great pride in helping each client express their individual style through vinyl wraps. Unlike a color change, where we use a specifically tinted vinyl to change to exterior color of a vehicle, custom print wraps can blend multiple different design elements into one composition.…

Dodge Winnebago Travato Wrap

Complete Color Change with Custom Decal Overlays One of the wonderful things about our Wrap lab is the amazing people that come in to share their awesome ideas. Just recently, Scott from Go Small Live Large, stopped by to inquire about doing a full color change, with some special decal overlays, on his Dodge Winnebago…

Commercial Branding Brought to Life

One of the things we love about our job is watching a brand come to life, from the initial render to a rolling billboard cruising the streets.

Multi Layer Custom Truck Wrap

Multi Layer Custom Truck Wrap

We put everything we have into each wrap that rolls out of the Wrap Lab, and there was no exception when it came to this Custom Dodge Ram Wrap

National Branding Campaign

The owner is constantly catching admirers touching the wrap to see if the texture is real.

Custom Commercial Wrap

We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to give each client a custom look that stands out from the crowd through design, materials and installation.

Full Commercial Truck Wrap in West Palm Beach

Full Commercial Wrap

Using the detailed textures from our F100 Gulf Wrap Rod design, this F350 was transformed into a stand alone piece to showcase the DryMaster business.

1968 F100 Weathered Motorsport Wrap

Our shop truck, a1968 F100 Ranger has become the ultimate canvas to showcase the boundless possibilities we can accomplish with vehicle wraps. For the first of many, we chose to pay homage to the iconic Gulf Livery design with a road worthy Weathered Motorsports Effect.