Multi Layer Custom Truck Wrap

Multi Layer Custom Truck Wrap

We put everything we have into each wrap that rolls out of the Wrap Lab, and there was no exception when it came to this Custom Dodge Ram Wrap

National Branding Campaign

The owner is constantly catching admirers touching the wrap to see if the texture is real.

Custom Commercial Wrap

We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to give each client a custom look that stands out from the crowd through design, materials and installation.

Full Commercial Truck Wrap in West Palm Beach

Full Commercial Wrap

Using the detailed textures from our F100 Gulf Wrap Rod design, this F350 was transformed into a stand alone piece to showcase the DryMaster business.

1968 F100 Weathered Motorsport Wrap

Our shop truck, a1968 F100 Ranger has become the ultimate canvas to showcase the boundless possibilities we can accomplish with vehicle wraps. For the first of many, we chose to pay homage to the iconic Gulf Livery design with a road worthy Weathered Motorsports Effect.

Commercial Wrap on 2018 Dodge Promaster

Grow your business by capitalizing on the marketing real estate your company vehicles provide with Commercial Wraps. We offer full in house design services, large format printing and installation, with tailored options to fit your budget.

Custom Print Commercial Wrap

The ability to showcase your business while doing business is how you can reach a wide range of potential customers.

Fleet Commercial Wrap

STO maintenance vehicles were branded with their logo and contact info, in the form of custom printed die cut lettering or custom interchangeable magnets.