Graphic Print Wrap

SMART CAR Smart Cars are trending, but not the way you might think. All kinds of competitive motorsport race teams are putting them to work at the track. Smaller than a golf cart with a few more luxuries, they are perfect pit cars. This team is one we’ve had the opportunity to work with on…

Model Y in Satin Metallic Azure

TESLA COLOR CHANGE Let’s be honest, Teslas don’t have many exterior paint color options, and after awhile, they all start to look the same. Now, with vehicle wraps becoming more and more popular, vinyl manufactures are creating high-quality car wrap material in a plethora of different colors and finishes. This Model Y was already quite…


CRD Wraps Shop Car Rolling Imagination. Automobiles are more than just people movers, to the true enthusiast, they are mechanical works of art. CRD Wraps passion lies in bringing out the soul and inner alter ego of each client and project we create. Turns out, our most challenging project to date has been our own.…

IMSA Prototype Challenge

Custom Race Livery The world of motorsports uses race liveries to identify their teams and show off sponsors. Some designs, like Gulf Racing, have become iconic to the sport and easily recognized by even the casual enthusiast. We were honored to receive the opportunity to design a new livery design for Fransco Racing and their…

Custom Bentley Continental

This beautiful Bentley Continental rolled into the Wrap Lab with a client that wanted to see if we could bring it to the next level.

Ultra custom Shelby Stripes

Custom wraps and vinyl accents are leading the industry in color options and cost, with the added benefit of being a non-permanent upgrade.

Complete color change

Getting to know our clients helps us ensure that we are always delivering a finished project that exceeds expectations.

Full Graphics Restoration

The project began with a full removal of the race worn wrap and graphics and any necessary deconstruction. Next up was laying down the base color change wrap, in 3M Gloss White, ensuring every detail was flawless.

Forged Carbon Accents

Forged Carbon Accents

Our long time client came into the shop looking to add some personal style to her new Benz, and was immediately drawn to the Forged Carbon.