V10 Audi R8

Color Change from Mild to Wild Watch Video Close Already a very cool car, this Audi R8 wanted to stand out even more than the rest. With hundreds of different vinyl colors to choose from, the hard part would be deciding on just one. When we brought out the 3M Psychedelic Gloss Flip into the…

1996 Porsche 993 Race Car

Complete Custom Race Livery Watch Video Close Not wanting to begin race season with last years look, this twin turbo Porsche 993 came into the Wrap lab for a complete graphics restoration and wrap. But don’t let this Porsche’s age mislead you, with top speeds over 200MPH, we needed to give it classic style with…

Super Bee Charger

Custom Die Cut Decals and Forged Carbon Hood Wrap With a forced induction Pro Charger nestled underneath the bonnet, this Dodge Charger isn’t for the faint of heart. Looking for some exterior customization that would match what’s lurking under its hood, longtime client Ryan called to set up an appointment. He wanted to pay homage…

Crunch Fitness Jeep

As the owner of four new Crunch Fitness Franchises in Ohio, our client was on a mission to create some hype.

Custom Bentley Continental

This beautiful Bentley Continental rolled into the Wrap Lab with a client that wanted to see if we could bring it to the next level.

BMW X5 Color Change Wrap at CRD Wraps West Palm Beach

BMW X5 Color Change Wrap

Change is good, and when this car went from the tired gloss white paint to the sexy Satin Dark Grey, it was epic.

Custom Color Change

1976 GT Turbo Corvette The Wrap Lab has seen it’s fair share of vehicles roll through the bay doors, but none quite as unique as this 1976 Corvette. Chief Corvette Engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov and John Greenwood teamed up in the early 70’s to create these rare wide body corvettes.. Our good friend, Jim Blackbeard, was…

Ultra custom Shelby Stripes

Custom wraps and vinyl accents are leading the industry in color options and cost, with the added benefit of being a non-permanent upgrade.

Complete color change

Getting to know our clients helps us ensure that we are always delivering a finished project that exceeds expectations.

Full color change wrap on a 2017 Mustang

Color Shift Pony When your shop goals have to be on point, you wrap your partners vehicle in an insane color shift vinyl. The result…A mustang that commands attention and draws you in to see more. Using Avery Dennison Roaring Thunder Color Shift vinyl on the majority of the car we added some distinction with…